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Avis Dalrymple Ministries

The Lord's Prayer £6.00
Root Causes £0.99
Prayer Points May 2016 £0.60
Prayer Against Spirit Of Fear And Terror PDF £0.60
Prayer Against Spirit Of Fear And Terror MP3 Audio £0.60
Framed By Words £0.99
Every Word Counts £0.99
Nehemiah's Walls £6.00
Getting Out Of Trouble £0.99
So Teach Us To number Our Days £3.00
God's Mathematics - How Numbers Affect Our Lives £3.00
Pray Or Pay! £3.00
The Purpose Of God's House £0.99
The Tabernacle And You £0.99
Creating A New Life £0.99
March 2016 Prayer Points PDF £0.60
How To Fast And Pray God's Way £0.60
Powerful Prayers To Break Stubborn Spirits and Spiritual Strongholds £0.69
How to fast and pray God's way £1.00
Powerful Prayers To Overcome Sexual Territorial Spirits £3.00
Prayer Points June 2016 £0.60