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Prance Press

books, patches and typewriter ephemera independently made by Luke Winter. Your purchases support me to live as a writer. blog: www.storiesforstrangers.com
Stories for Strangers, vol. 2. £10.00
All You Have is What You Give Patch £3.00
Slaughtered Darlings Zine £2.00
Rainbow Typewriter Ribbon - Multiple colour inks! £14.00
The Water £10.00
Hardback Stories for Strangers 2 (Sold Out) £36.00
Life Is Weird Enough (Sold Out) £6.00
Stories While I Waited (Sold Out) £3.00
Stories for Strangers 2 Poster £4.00
Burt Bickers in 'A Run of the Mill' £3.00
Stories While They Waited (Sold Out) £9.00
Kurt Bickers in '42: The Micropig & Dachshund' (Sold Out) £3.00
Be Not Unkind To Strangers Patch (Sold Out) £3.45