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The Galallery

Mama’s Gun by Alexandra Bowman $15.00
Fellow Wanderer by Shayna Yasuhara (Sold Out) $180.00
Anima by Zachary Sweet $150.00
Double Trouble by Yuka Azoe $20.00
The Attunement by Vanessa Koch $250.00
Fusion Tree by Susan Lin $250.00
A Love That Shelters by Malisa Suchanya $500.00
Secret Love Song, by Alice Lee $15.00
Sold - See Me by Lucia Goodbag (Sold Out) $50.00
Strength in Softness by Laura Helen Winn (Sold Out) $75.00
Jump! by Kat Geng $350.00
Sold - Kat Yellow Shirt by Jon Levy-Warren (Sold Out) $400.00
Hannya by J.S. Hamilton $500.00
Nighttimer by Giulietta Wertz-Best $50.00
Dear Daughter by Christina Tran $25.00
endless ocean by cedar q waxwing $111.00
Nachthexen (Rufina & Nataly) by Cathi Beckstrand $200.00
Grass and Strawberry Girl by Ari Bird $300.00
Boundaries 1 by Allison Jones $75.00