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Dealing with Deviant Directors $99.00

When you purchase this webinar you will be emailed:

  • 59 Minute recording of Dealing with Deviant Directors
  • Slide pack in PDF
  • Dealing with Founders Syndrome PDF
  • Useful Rules for Feedback PDF
  • Conflict Resolution & Consensus Building PDF

Deviant directors are those whose personal agendas, poor interpersonal skills and/or conflicts of interest work against their ability to serve the organisation effectively.

Disruptive and deviant board members can slow the progress of board meetings, irritate fellow directors, alienate new members and eventually cripple the work of the board. The organisation’s effectiveness can be threatened. Deviant board members present a chronic problem meeting after meeting. They are often unresponsive to polite attempts to negotiate or resolve conflicts. Ignoring this problem will not make it go away.

Avoiding the issue is not an option for the diligent board. Every board member is charged with safeguarding the organisation’s integrity, advancing the mission and safeguarding resources, including time and talent.

This webinar offers board members and the CEO assistance with carrying out this duty. We will explore some of the tools for managing troublesome behaviour and develop some preventative strategies that can avoid problems from the outset.

About The Presenter

Sallie Saunders is a Director and Principal Consultant for Building Better Boards Pty Ltd.

Sallie has over 45 years’ experience in and with not-for-profit organisations as a manager and board director and as a senior manager in the public sector. This informed her 14 years as an academic in not-for-profit governance and management and adult education at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Since 2004 Sallie has provided consultancy services and training to boards and CEOs in hundreds of not-for-profit organisations across Australia and internationally. Sallie’s expertise includes professional development for NFP directors and senior managers, board room culture and dynamics, policies and procedures for contemporary NFP governance, and strategic planning. 

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Directors' Duties: Lessons from the past to guide future conduct $99.00

It is said that those who fail to learn the lessons from mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat those mistakes. Another saying often attributed to Einstein is that the definition of insanity is doing exactly the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.

In this recording webinar you will learn about:

  • Directors' and Committee Members' duties to their organisations (both companies limited by guarantee and incorporated associations).
  • “But we are only volunteers!” is not an excuse!
  • Past and recent court decisions which provide practical guidance.
  • How to avoid potential liability.
  • Step by step practical tips to meet your obligations but to be a more productive and valuable Board/Committee Member.
  • How to develop and implement effective compliance to achieve organisational strategy.

The Presenter

Victor is a commercial lawyer and Principal Director of Wentworth Lawyers Pty Ltd, providing practical commercial advice to NFPs, SMEs and publicly listed companies. Victor is recognised as one of Australia’s most experienced tax advisers to the NFP community clubs movement, having advised clubs from local community clubs to major professional league clubs. He also advises major peak bodies on taxation issues and submissions to government, Treasury and the Australian Taxation Office. Victor also has extensive experience as a Director and Chairman of for profit and NFP organisations.

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Sprout Summit 2017 Recordings $198.00

Featuring recordings of eight amazing social entrepreneurs  presenting at Sprout Summit 2017, this pack is a must watch for any social entrepreneur.

Sprout Summit is focused on helping founders of social enterprises and for-purpose businesses flourish by equipping them with the practical tools, processes and insights to build organisations that can drive successful change and create real positive impact in our society.

This recording pack Includes the following amazing presentations:

  • Helen Barclay ~ Managing Director @ EnviroDNA on The Non-scientist: My Six-month Report Card 
  • George Liacos ~ Managing Director @ Spark Strategy on The Four Steps to Designing a Sustainable Business Model
  • Ash Rosshandler ~ CEO @ GoodCompany & Founder @ Karma Currency on The GoodCompany Journey – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
  • Rita Nehme ~ Co-founder @ SteerNorth on Steering Towards Social Impact
  • Richard Evans ~ Managing Director @Talent Nation on How to Attract, and Retain, the Right Team
  • Warwick Peel ~ Co-founder @ Future Directors Institute & Startup Boardroom on How #Socent Founders can Scale and Capacity Build via a Growth Advisory Board
  • Jay Boolkin ~ Co-founder @ Social Change Central on Back to Basics: The Four Cs of Effective Social Entrepreneurship
  • Morgan Koegel ~ CEO @ One Girl on Making it Personal: Secrets of Rapid Growth

Whether you are just getting started on your social enterprise, B Corp, not-for-profit, or for-purpose business, or you have been on the path of social entrepreneurship for a while now, by watching the Sprout Summit 2017 recordings you'll gain practical insights and tools that will help you to flourish as a social entrepreneur.

Sprout Summit is presented by Better Boards in partnership with Feros Care.

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Co-designing Your New Business Model $99.00

For boards of community businesses (NFPs) the move to a customer-driven, competitive marketplace is a radical departure from their known industry/sector context to which they and their management team were perfectly adapted. An old business model cannot operate in a new paradigm.

Co-designing a new business model is mission critical, trying to hang on to your existing business model is a death knell; the rules and processes that supported the old business model will be defunct.

Join Michael for an insightful and pragmatic approach as he unpacks the realities, practicalities and processes of re-engineering your existing business model and developing a new business model that underpins the transformation of your organisation and the reinvention of your culture.

A comprehensive, easy-ready presentation will be available, along with a number of tools, business models and supporting articles.

The Presenter

A visionary, an entrepreneurial strategist, a big picture thinker, Michael is widely known by directors, chief executive officers and executives of community businesses (NFPs) throughout Australia for his comprehensive understanding of the big picture and his strategic insights into the current and future trends and dynamics of residential care, home care, disability, hospitals, health care and related human service industries/sectors and organisations.

Michael is an engaging, educative and strategic opinion leader, his primary modus operandi are facilitating, strategically advising and/or project managing projects or workshops. His significant ability to influence individuals or teams, frameworks and opinions, and provide practical strategies and tools is extensively acknowledged by leaders. He has a demonstrable track record of turning theory into practice, ensuring leaders balance their “heads and hearts”, that is business and service objectives.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • customer-driven, competitive marketplace
  • how you can co-design a new business model that puts customers at the heart for success
  • determining the key drivers, parameters and processes required to successfully design, plan and execute your own transformation project.

and much more.

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Build an Effective Board: Practical & Actionable Tips $99.00

Having seen the good, the bad and the ugly from many not-for-profit (NFP) boardrooms we've picked up plenty of the best (and worst) practices for improving how your NFP board operates. From how to build a director recruitment "machine" to how to make your meetings more effective, we'll unpack and share lots of practical tips and insights during this webinar.

Put your best foot forward with a tool kit of immediately actionable tips to make your board better.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Best practices gained from working with thousands of NFP directors
  • Actionable tips and insights to improve your board
  • What you should stop doing immediately
  • Heaps of ideas for NFP Board and Director improvement

The Presenter

Raphael Goldsworthy is the Managing Director of Better Boards Australasia, convenor of the largest annual gathering of Not-For-Profit (NFP) and For-Purpose directors in the Southern Hemisphere, the Better Boards Conference. Raphael has spent almost 10 years working closely with, and curating educational programs for, Purpose-Driven and NFP Directors, Boards and Executives. Raphael has a deep interest in the intersection of business for good, technology, decision making, investment and behavioural economics. He regularly writes and speaks on technology in the boardroom, decision making and biases, governance, leadership and other related NFP/Purpose-Driven topics. 

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How to Get Your Alliances Off the Ground $99.00

Adapting to deregulation of markets for government funded service delivery is one of the greatest challenges for Not-for-Profit (NfP) providers at present.

The shift to consumer driven markets combined with the funding squeeze being felt in all parts of the sector has many Boards and leadership teams questioning the future viabilities of their organisations.

Innovation solutions to these challenges often requires funding and resources that are beyond most NFPs. Some organisations are discovering that the answer lies in what NFPs have in the past found a natural fit – working and collaborating together.

Join Patrick Herd as he unpacks the process of working collaboratively, the benefits and pitfalls of forming alliances using case studies and practical examples.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • collaboration processes
  • benefits of alliances
  • pitfalls of forming alliances
  • practical examples from real-life alliance case studies

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The Fundamentals of Good Governance $99.00

Do you have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of Good Governance?

Every not-for-profit director must understand the fundamentals of governance. Without a strong understanding, directors and boards struggle to properly fulfil their role, meaning they are unable to drive the organisation toward a prosperous future. In today’s changing environment it is more important than ever that all directors have strong governance fundamentals on which to build their knowledge and skills.

Hear from Australia’s leading not-for-profit board advisor, Michael Goldsworthy. As the principal consultant at Australian Strategic Services, Michael has helped over 5000 not-for-profit organisations during his career. Michael has a profound understanding, practical experience and proven track record in assisting leadership teams (boards, chief executive officers and senior management teams) address the challenges and opportunities of growing and developing their not-for-profit organisation.

This 60-minute webinar covers:

  • What is governance?
  • The board & its purpose
  • The key governance roles and responsibilities of boards
  • A framework for shaping positive board behaviours
  • How boards should govern
  • Ensuring that your board is governing not managing
  • Tips on creating a high performance board

This webinar is suitable for directors of all levels, from those looking to join a board, all the way to experienced directors who wish to review their understanding of the fundamentals of governance.??

Everyone who purchases this webinar recording will be emailed:?

  • A recording of the webinar?
  • A PDF copy of the slide deck?
  • Copies of complimentary tools & templates from the webinar?
  • A transcript of the webinar

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Keep Calm and Embrace the Numbers $99.00

Board members of not for profit organisations come to the table with a mix of skills and experiences which makes their contribution special. However when finances aren’t their thing, making financial decisions and approving the financials can be intimidating.

Most Directors are aware of their individual responsibility to ensure the organisation is solvent, the importance of being able to read the financial reports, ask probing questions, analyse financial risks and make decisions. Not an easy task.

This webinar will provide tips for scanning the three key financial reports and zeroing in on the pertinent numbers. It will educate participants on the key financial indicators that will tell you if your organisation is on the right track.

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Build Business Models for Profit and Purpose $99.00

This 55 minute webinar recording will explore practical strategies that NFP Boards and Directors can use to evaluate or build business models for profit and purpose.

Through an exploration of different levers that can be altered to create financial resilience and impact, this webinar addresses key risks and innovation necessary for the survival and thriving of today’s social sector organisations.

Using real life case studies to illustrate the efficacy of different approaches, George shares insights learned from conducting multiple hundreds of not-for-profit strategies – common pitfalls, hidden gems and new ideas that are transforming organisations and systems.

About the Presenter

George Liacos is the Managing Director of social business advisory firm, Spark Strategy. George brings a wealth of expertise in supporting organisations to be more sustainable and impactful through innovative and collaborative business models. Spark has been advising organisations for 20 years and does so from a practical, action-oriented perspective. George is a serial entrepreneur with experience leading $100m+ entities overseas and in Australia. Previously National Partner for Business Transformation at Grant Thornton, George is now a champion of the B Corp movement, working across the not-for-profit and private sectors, as well as with government and philanthropy to create profit for purpose business models to solve social problems.

You will be emailed a download link for the webinar recording and associated files when you purchase, which includes:

  • A recording of the webinar?
  • A copy of the slide deck?

Get this webinar and all past Better Boards webinars (plus live webinars during your membership) for free by becoming a BoardWise member - www.boardwise.net

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A Director's Guide to Intellectual Property – How to Identify and Protect Your Assets $99.00

Does your board and executive know how to identify and protect the organisation's Intellectual Property?

While it is relatively easy to identify and understand the physical assets of an organisation, unless your board and executive are familiar with identifying and understanding the intangible assets associated with the organisation’s day-to-day activities, potential opportunities and pitfalls for the organisation may be overlooked.

Intangible assets such as Intellectual Property have value – and not just monetary value. Intellectual Property has reputational and goodwill value, collaborative value and commercialisation potential. Your organisation’s Intellectual Property is what differentiates it from other organisations.

Your organisation’s Intellectual Property is a valuable asset and it is critical that your board and chief executive understand how to protect and leverage it.

This practical 60-minute webinar covers:

  • Why it’s important for the board & executive to be familiar with Intellectual Property
  • The different types and forms of Intellectual Property
  • How to identity your organisation's Intellectual Property
  • How your organisation can capture value from its Intellectual Property and intangible assets

Purchase this webinar if you, your board and executive want to understand, in a practical sense, what you can do to familiarise yourself with identifying your organisation's intangible Intellectual Property assets and why you should bother to do so.

The Presenters

Fabiola is Head of Trademarks at FAL Lawyers. Fabiola advises boards and senior executives of government agencies, major corporations, SMEs and not-for-profit organisations on Trade Mark Law, brand protection and brand development strategies both in Australia and internationally. Fabiola commenced her career in one of the most prominent Intellectual Property firms in Latin America and worked at a specialist Melbourne IP law firm prior to joining FAL. Fabiola has an extensive network of overseas associates and is a member of INTA (International Trademarks Association), ASIPI (Interamerican Intellectual Property Association) as well as the Venezuelan Bar Association. She is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

Kristy is Head of Patents & Designs at FAL Lawyers. Kristy has extensive experience in patents, strategic IP management and commercialisation. She was previously the sole in-house IP counsel for an ASX-listed pharmaceutical, veterinary and medical devices company. Prior to this she was responsible for managing and commercialising the global IP portfolio of an ASX & NASDAQ-listed pharmaceutical R&D company and played a key role in management of the companies IP portfolio as well as due diligence, licensing, asset acquisition and collaboration activities. Kristy holds a Master of Laws from the University of Melbourne and a PhD in chemistry from the Victorian College of Pharmacy, Monash University.

Everyone who purchases the webinar recording will be emailed:?

  • A recording of the webinar?
  • A copy of the slide deck?
  • An IP Audit Checklist

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The Board's Role in Strategic Transformation $99.00

For boards, chief executive officers and executives of community businesses (NFPs) the move to the customer-driven, competitive marketplace is a radical departure from their known industry/sector context.

Planning and executing a strategic transition of one’s organisation, a re-engineering of the business model and a reinvention of the culture is a very significant and complex project that many leaders need to undertake. Coming to grips with the realities and practicalities of such a project can be daunting, to say the least.

In this webinar recording Michael Goldsworthy, Principal Consultant, Australian Strategic Services share the boards’ & Chief Executive Officers’ governance roles & responsibilities in such a project and the realities & practicalities of strategically transforming their organisation.

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Clinical Governance in a CDC Environment $99.00

This 60 minute webinar recording will address clinical governance and the board's role in clinical governance. What they need to know and what they should know.

Purchasers of this webinar recording may also be interested in the Clinical Governance Toolkit from Australian Strategic Services.

Is clinical governance an operational or strategic responsibility?

With a focus on consumer directed care (CDC) in home care and a call for CDC in residential care, will this affect the way you manage clinical governance?

To what extent does the board need to be aware of clinical risk management and what particular areas of clinical care should the board be aware of?

Traditionally boards have had a significant focus on financial management and strategic direction. Boards, historically through their makeup, have not had the expertise to know what it is they don’t know. This webinar will help your board to discover what it is that it doesn't know in regards to Clinical Governance.

You will be emailed a download link for the webinar recording and associated files when you purchase, which includes:

  • A recording of the webinar?
  • A copy of the slide deck?
  • Copies of free tools & templates provided during the webinar?

Recorded February 2017

Get this webinar and all past Better Boards webinars (plus live webinars during your membership) for free by becoming a BoardWise member - www.boardwise.net

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An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for NFP Boards $99.00

This webinar explores of the impact that the set of technologies commonly known as "Artificial Intelligence" will likely have on NFP organisations today and in the near future.

There is a lot of hype around the disruptive nature of Artificial Intelligence, particularly in mass media, but what does it actually mean for boards of not-for-profit organisations? How do you seperate the hype from reality? How you can ground your boardroom discussion on this topic in the strategic realm rather than the futurist realm?

The discussion of Artificial Intelligence, and associated technological developments, tends to focus on the pros or cons for 'consumers' or the operational benefits for a business, with little practical guidance or framing from a board or director perspective. This session will aim to provide understanding and clarity for directors on Artificial Intelligence and how knowledge of these technologies potentials and pitfalls might help boards to frame their discussions on this issue more strategically.

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The Journey To A Customer Driven Marketplace: The Realities & Practicalities of Organisational Transformation $99.00

Does your board and executive understand what it needs to do to win in the new customer driven marketplace?

This video recording of the The Journey To A Customer Driven Marketplace with Michael Goldsworthy explores the strategic and organisational impacts and implications of the new customer-driven, competitive marketplace.

Never before and probably never again will the boards, chief executive officers and senior managers of Australian community businesses (NFPs) face such a cataclysmic shift in the way they need to think, behave and operate.

The shift from a government-funded, welfare paradigm to a customer-driven, competitive market paradigm should not be underestimated – there are immense strategic and organisational challenges as well as significant opportunities.

For leaders of community businesses the need to understand the realities and practicalities of re-engineering your business model, transforming your culture and reinventing your organisation is vital if your organisation is to be successful and sustainable in this new world order.

Presented by Australia’s leading not-for-profit board advisor, Michael Goldsworthy. As the principal consultant at Australian Strategic Services, Michael has worked with over 6000 not-for-profit organisations during his career. Michael has a profound understanding, practical experience and proven track record in assisting leaders (boards, chief executive officers and senior management teams) transform their organisations.

This 60-minute pre-recorded webinar covers:

  • What the customer driven market place means for NFPs.
  • The shift in board member and executive thinking required to navigate this new reality.
  • The strategic challenges boards face in this new environment.
  • Tips on the opportunities that organisations will have in the new customer driven marketplace.
  • How to Re-engineer Your Business Model, Transform Your Culture, Reinvent Your Organisation

This webinar is suitable for directors and executive of all levels.

What is included:?

  • A recording of the webinar? (60 minutes)
  • The slide deck? in PDF
  • Copies of tools & templates from the webinar?
  • A transcript of the webinar

You will be emailed a download link for the webinar and associated files when you purchase.

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