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DJ Sega

This is the official store of DJ Sega! Here you can find and purchase never before sold items including but not limited to music, videos, clothing, and even performances.


Project: KeyGen $199.99

Clocking in at around 5 gigabytes, here's the entire collection of everything ever uploaded to DJ Sega's soundcloud. Prior to the main soundcloud profile being removed, anticipating this outcome, DJ Sega has secretly created this project he calls, "Project: KeyGen". These are all the original files uploaded on the soundcloud page AS IS; meaning, while a soundcloud ripper may have a 128Kbps version of the song, you will receive a MUCH better quality file of your favorite bangers! With 11 Wav files, 18 Aiff files, and 87 MP3s, this definitive collection is a MUST HAVE if you've missed his music on soundcloud! This is a VERY limited sale and this product may never be available again as raw as this. Grab this ultimate collection while you can! This is for DJ Sega fans only. You now have access to your favorite DJ Sega remixes once again and this time to HAVE; not to simply stream. But only for a limited time and especially at a price like this!

This is a raw file project and some files may not contain album artwork, or proper ID tags.

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